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The LA Radio Studio is a business:  The business of supplying  a comfortable, acoustically sound and functional radio studio to radio shows, radio stations, radio developers, podcasters and other new media outlets.

The Birth of the LA Radio Studio
Mike Stark

In 2008, the ABC Radio Network shutdown it's Burbank studio.

This Pacific Recorders based studio setup had been meticulously maintained by veteran broadcasters Dave Berges and John Price and represented what I felt was one of the best radio facilities in Southern California.

The studio & control room, as it looked at ABC Radio

Because the west coast portion of the Tom Joyner Morning Show had come from the ABC facility, I was sent, by the show, to tour various studios throughout LA to find a replacement location to broadcast from on a daily basis. John Price, another LA radio vet, and myself visited most of the studio "rentals" that were available and found that none came close to matching the facilities we had at ABC. After a couple months of searching we found the only studio that could meet our needs was the Burbank studios that are owned by legendary DJ Rick Dees. Ironically, they ended up right around the corner from where the ABC studios had been.  The studio was small (a production room), but it was technically sound and could handle the needs of an ISDN feed to the Joyner Dallas studios.

Radio Disney, who took over the ABC facility, was planning on gutting the studios and rebuilding a digital complex to support their very high profile radio needs. The old equipment and furniture housing the gear had to be disposed of and there were deadlines in getting that equipment out, with plans of sending most of it to the local landfill.

Thanks to his negotiations with Disney and many hours of "spec" work from Dave Berges, arrangements were made for myself and long time friend and business associate, Jayme Wilson, to acquire the gear that was destine to be tossed out. Jayme and I, after my studio tours, had talked about building a radio studio in the Ports O' Call Village in San Pedro. Now we had the opportunity to get a "foundation" for that studio in the form of some very good gear.

After a couple of "glitches" including a change in the schedule by Disney for us to remove the gear, Dave, Jayme, myself and our crew arrived on Labor Day 2008 with a huge flatbed truck and carefully loaded the gear for transport to Ports O' Call.

The studio being moved to Ports O' Call

Originally, I had conceived our new studio to be a combo, one room studio with microphones in the same room as the control room. However, after Jayme saw pictures of the way the studio had been configured - as a studio and control room operation, with a beautifully designed triangular microphone console, he said that he would like to see us "duplicate" what had been done at ABC.  The studio included a small on-site kitchen, restroom, attached to a comfortable lobby/green room area that had a second story view of the LA waterfront. 

 In 2018, we were evicted from Ports O' Call by the Port of LA.  The studio was quickly and carefully "disassembled", put into temporary storage and later that year "assembling" began on a unique "moveable" studio designed to prevent a similar fate from happening again.  The new studio is scheduled to open in the Summer of 2019, following it's reconstruction by the original team that assembled it at Ports O' Call and coordinated by the studio's original designer Dave Berges.

...........and the story continues in 2019 at a new location.  Find out about our future here:  http://laradiostudio.com/LARArticle.html


  Contact: Mike Stark at mike@laradiostudio.com for more information.

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