The LA Radio Studio Think Tank

Today radio is more than what flows through the air from a broadcast tower.  "Broadcasting" has broadened to include satellite radio, various delivery methods on the Internet, cell phone applications and other forms of "new media".  Technology is moving so fast it's hard to even know where "audio" will be needed next.  There are more outlets for audio "content" than ever before.  Because today, anyone with a computer can create content of some kind with basic audio software, the challenge for "broadcasters" is to create informative, engaging and entertaining content that rises above the rest.  We at the LA Radio Studio want to partner with anyone with a great "audio" idea and produce it from our studio.

Every studio has downtime, when there are no "clients" who already have a marketable product that they are paying the studio to produce.  Although, we would love to have our studio "rented" 24/7, it's very unlikely that will happen, especially in these challenging  economic times for radio. The LA Radio Studio wants to utilize that downtime to develop new programs and other audio product that is innovative, marketable and can become a paying "client" for the LA Radio Studio.

If you have an audio idea that you think is unique - bring it to us.  If we think it has possibilities we'll work with you to produce a "demo".  If you are not a traditional "broadcaster" and have an idea, we'll hook you up with someone who is and attempt to turn your idea into a viable audio product. 

If you are an out of work "broadcaster" and want to be part of this "think tank" - contact us.  We can't pay you, but we can give you the opportunity to be part of our development team that might produce something that will get you paid and back into your trade.

Why are we doing this?  First, this is a way to bring in paying clients to keep the studio in business.  Second, and most importantly, we LOVE radio and want to be involved any way we can to develop new audio ideas.

Got a idea or want to be involved in this unique "think tank" approach to radio?  Drop us an e-mail and we'll talk. 

  Contact: Mike Stark at for more information.

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