Studio Rumors, Updates & News - as of AuGUST 2016

Some new major "updates" coming soon.....

We at the LA Radio Studio want to thank the many people who have visited our website and made inquiries about the studio's availability.

In 2016, we will be embarking on some new adventures.  In an effort to attract podcasters who are trying to "step things up" in the quality of their existing podcasts, we are initiating a new "podcaster rate" which gives people the ability to have a final product that doesn't sound like it was recorded in a bedroom or garage - with packages starting at $50.  For more info on these rates contact Mike at

A new show, yet to be named, will be spotlighting food and everything that surrounds the substances we put in our bodies.  This will be a partnership that has existed since we started the studio with the fabulous Ports O' Call Waterfront Dining Restaurant - only now we're taking that partnership to the airwaves.

Also, we're hoping to add a (also yet to be named) "House Concerts" show to the studio line-up.  "House Concerts" are now a huge thing with the indie and unsigned artists, so we are hoping to transform our studio into a house concert setting that YOU could attend for a small fee ($20 or under) and experience some of these artists in an intimate setting.  We would webcast the show live and later podcast it for "on demand" listening.  If w can get an advertiser to kick in the money to pay the bands, then we'll waive the $20 fee and let everyone come for free.  We'll be working on that.

Here is what is currently going on at the LA Radio Studio:

"Phil Hulett & Friends" Los Angeles morning radio (KFWB) host, Phil Hulett is joined by KTLA-TV news reporter Erin Myers and Chris Martin for an old-school-style talk show with a new school twist.  The show airs "live" every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm (pacific) on our studio streams.  We will soon be expanding this show to other stations and are very excited about the future of this program.

"Living Out Loud with Barbara Venezia" A lifestyle magazine internet radio show.

"LA Radio Waves" is a weekly podcast about radio, specifically about LA radio, hosted by LA radio columnist. Richard Wagoner and radio veteran, Mike Stark.   As part of this show we have been spotlighting current and legendary LA radio personalities with career spanning interviews.  So far we've interviewed Dr. Demento, Jeff Gonzer (KMET), The "Insane" Darrell Wayne (KROQ), Elliot Mintz (KPFK, KABC), Mo' Kelly (KFI), Cynthia Fox (KMET & The Sound), Lee Marshall (KABC), Ace Young (KMET) and Geno Michellini (KLOS).   

"LA Radio Sessions" hosted by Mike Stark, covers all aspects of our current culture with a spotlight on indie and unsigned music.  "Live" performances and artist interviews are the heart of this program, but the show also covers the Arts, Radio and politics. Check the show's Facebook page for airdates.   

Now doing his monthly radio show, "Rock 50", from the LA Radio Studio is Black Sabbath drummer, Bill Ward.  Check his website for when it airs and more information. 

We continue development on "Nights At The Sound Table", a program featuring people who love music talking about the thing they love.  Check the show's website for air dates. 

We'll also have occasional visits from the great rock journalist Lonn Friend for his show - "'Energize' The Lonn Friend Podcast."

In 2014, we added a three camera video system.  This system streams 24/7 and provides a "visual" for all the shows we are currently doing at the studio:  We have added a studio YouTube channel where you can see clips from all the shows we are doing:

Live audio for all programs produced at the LA Radio Studio  can be accessed on our Shoutcast stream at: and at TuneIn Radio.

In 2013, we added a "remote" system that allows us to have "live" broadcasts from the patio of the beautiful "Ports O' Call Waterfront Dining Restaurant" next door.

We've also added a "Show Links" button on the home page that will take you to the websites of all the shows that are in production at the LA Radio Studio.

Visit our "Think Tank" page for more on how YOU can be involved in the exciting things going on at the LA Radio Studio.  The shows listed below ALL came from ideas that partner us with others in development of new radio and new media projects.  If you've got a creative project idea that can be turned into a revenue stream, let's talk about working together to make your idea REAL.

With all the "development" at the LA Radio Studio, we also want to remind our "radio" friends that we are available for your radio show needs.  If you have an existing radio show or are developing one, please consider us when looking for a permanent home.  Our rates are reasonable and we are staffed with radio professionals that will help make your show successful.

In 2011, we hosted our first, non-radio, corporate client who produced a series of "webinars", utilizing company specialists brought together from locations throughout the country, in a roundtable discussion, spotlighting their various products.  We now realize, not only is our facility a perfect setting for traditional radio but, that the studio configuration is perfect for this type of event.  Because of our connections with various restaurants in the area, we are able to provide these clients with great dining opportunities for their breaks in the sessions.  We are hoping to do more of these types of events in the future.

In 2011, we hosted our second "reality" show at the studio for a German TV production.  Prior to that we hosted a portion of an episode of a new "social experiment" (reality) show, "Forever Young", produced by Ashton Kutcher, was centered around a "talk show" coming from the LA Radio Studio. Watch the "Funny or Die" comedy piece that was recently filmed at the studio here:

If you haven't yet visited our facility, please e-mail us and we'll set up a time for you to see what we have to offer.

  Contact: Mike Stark at for more information.

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